Instant Confidence With Women

Being the shy guy I mostly dug into the pirogues in a party scene, while my two friends were right there at the center of the dance floor. Call it fate, when the hottest girl in the party took a break from the center stage, she picked up my table for a bottle of beer. She looked devastatingly gorgeous with her confident eye contacts and generous laughter.


“Hey, I am Natasha.”

“Hello, this is George,” I somehow managed to speak.


And then I went dumb. She tried to make a conversation, commenting on the quality of the beer and the psychedelic stuff that the DJ was playing. But in my effort to please her, all I could manage was a boring “Yes”, or “Of course”, or “Exactly”. My own inputs in that conversation were a big, fat zero. She tolerated me for at least 10-minutes and then got lost in the crowd once again.


“You are a loser.” That’s the only thing I could say to me.

“That’s what happens to shy guys,” I thought.


Like many men, even I thought that an unconfident man could never attract a woman. A man lacking in confidence can never make a woman feel protected. A man who isn’t extrovert and dashing enough can only dream of making a woman drool over him.

When I told my friend about this episode, he suggested a link which he asked me to browse later. For many days I had not checked the link, in fact, I had completely forgotten about it. But, then when I had to encounter a similar episode once again I realized I needed help! Desperately I clicked on the link which took me into the world of INSTANT CONFIDENCE WITH WOMEN Program.

My friend Richard was a dashing guy and had quite a good repo with women.  He did mention in the mail that he too had tried the program on himself with amazing results. Although in doubt about it initially, it was my friend’s new-found chemistry with women that prompted me to at least give it a try.


And the best part was that the entire program came for just $67, which is equivalent to the money spent on one failed dinner date.

The first thing that the program taught me was that you don’t have to be superbly confident to hit an arrow directly into a woman’s heart. All you need to know are the triggers to make women feel warm, protected and awed by you.Within a short time, I realized that I was starting to hold the interest of women in conversations by following the triggers like:

  • The “Dominant Frame” Trigger.
  • The “Body Language” Trigger.
  • The “Commanding Conversation” Trigger.

Slowly, I began shedding my inhibitions and became more lucid in my approach and conversation with a commanding air. I could see women taking a deep interest in what I said, and especially what I felt or thought about them. In fact, a couple of women even expressed the desire to take things further.


“Whoa! Am I floating right now?” My confidence shot high automatically.


And how did INSTANT CONFIDENCE WITH WOMEN bring in this new change in me? Through its comprehensive program that includes:

  • 7 Quick “Clearing” Techniques that helped me get rid of old negative beliefs.
  • A Complete Set of Instant Likability Triggers with which I could generate an instant warmth and affection in women.
  • The 21 “Must Have” Confident Conversation Power Tools that has made me a master in striking the right kind of conversation with women that turns them on.
  • 8 Ways to Create Instant Authority in order to make her feel safe and protected in my company.
  • 11 Party Domination Tactics to be the show stealer despite being shy.
  • 4 Commanding Doorstep “Good Night” Reframes to conclude the awesome date on a beautiful note.

Today, I am more than thankful toINSTANT CONFIDENCE WITH WOMENProgramfor bringing a magical transformation in me with its smart techniques and training to subconsciously nurture the level of confidence in terms of my:

  • Mindset,
  • Conversation Skills,
  • Body Language,
  • Social Authority.